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Alberta Generated Oilfield Waste

AER Deemed DOW  Waste Codes that Require AER Manifest No exceptions

ACID – Acid Solutions- corrosivity, heavy metals, flash point

CAUS – Caustic Solutions- unneutralized, spent

CORINH – Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger Solutions – heavy metals

DMDS- Dimethyl disulphide solutions  Do Not Accept

FLBSWS – Filter Backwash Liquids (Gas Sweetening)

[FRSDR]- Radioactive frac sand – Do Not accept

GLYC – Glycol Solutions (no heavy metals)containing lead and heavy metals

METHNL – HydrotestFluids- Methanol

[NORM] – Do Not accept

Sludge- Cooling towers- leachate and heavy metals

Sludge- Gas Sweetening- flash point, leachate

Sludge- Glycol / gas drying – flash point, leachate, toxicity.

AER Deemed  Waste Codes that Require Testing, may require AER Manifest

ACTCRB – Activated carbon – flash point

SOILEM – Contaminated Debris and Soil (emulsion)

SOILCH – Contaminated Debris and Soil (Chemical/Solvent)

SOILRO – Contaminated Debris and Soil (Refined Fuels/Oils)

GLYC – Glycol no heavy metals- flash point , leachate.

PIGWST – Pigging Waste – flash point, pyrophoric

SLGEML – Sludge – Emulsion Generators use for tank bottoms etc.

SLGPIT – Sludge – Flare Pit flash point

SLGHYD – Sludge – Hydrocarbon corrosivity

SLGLIM – Sludge – Lime leachate

SLGPRO – Sludge – Process leachate, corrosivity

AER Deemed NonDOW  Waste Codes, may  or may not require AER Manifest

BLBDWT – Boiler Blowdown Water 

CEMENT – Cement not TDG regulated

CONMAT – Construction and demolition material- confirm flashpoint and BTEX

COEMUL – Crude Oil/Condensate Emulsions

DRWSHC – Drilling Waste Hydrocarbon 

DRWSGC – Drilling Waste Gel Chemical

DRWSAC – Drilling Waste Advanced Gel Chemical 

FRFLDH – Frac Fluid – Hydrocarbon Based

FRFLDW – Frac Fluid – Water Based 

FRCSND – Frac Sand – Non Radioactive

HSPWTR – High Solids Produced Water 

METHNL – Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol

HYDVCH – Hydrovac Material (chemical/solvent impacted)

HYDVCO – Hydrovac Material (crude oil/condensate impacted) 

HYDVPW – Hydrovac Material (produced/salt water impacted)

HYDVRO – Hydrovac Material (refined fuels/oils impacted)

FRMFNS – Residual Formation Fines after Treatment and Settlement

SAND – Sand – Produced

SOILCO – Contaminated Debris and Soil (Crude Oil/Condensate)

SOILPW – Contaminated Debris and Soil (Produced/Salt Water)

SOILSU – Contaminated Debris and Soil (Sulphur)

SWTSOL – Sweetening Agent (Solid)

SWTLIQ – Sweetening Agent (Liquid) 

TRTHAY – Treater Hay

WSHWTR – Wash Fluid – Water  ph, flash point

CWATER – Waters Contaminated (leachate, collected surface waters)

WATER – Water – Produced (including brine solutions)

WWOFLD – Well Workover Fluids

MROR Amendment J to Approval No. WM022

Clause 1

Waste Processing

NONOFD – Alberta Generated Non-Hazardous Recyclable/Waste (non-oilfield)

  • Car Wash Sump Material
  • Oilfield Flush Water Sump Material
  • Waters Contaminated (class II oilfield landfill leachate)
  • Hydrovac Material


Clause 3

MEDRIVER OIL is not approved to accept Alberta generated oilfield waste streams laden with naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) or waste streams requiring special handling (e.g., ASBEST, FRFLDR, FRSDR, PCBBAL, PCBLIQ, PCBSGI, PCBSLI, PCBSLF, WSTPLQ, WSTPSD, WSTRDM).



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